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The map is the local area. UbiEst Geoanalytics solutions enable in-depth scenario analysis to be carried out, aggregating internal and external data to business with the geospatial component.

Geoanalytics enables you to consult reports relating to:

  • The number of people using online mapping services
  • Consult POI searches made
  • The most common location searches

Data relating to the public’s use of geographic applications such as maps, navigation tools and store locators are an asset for the business which can extract important statistics related to the user basin of its own sales points: for example, which sales points and journeys are most frequently searched.

Geoanalytics Package:

Geoanalytics is a reporting package based on access information from online mapping applications. It is crucial for knowing, understanding and improving regional protection and supporting strategic decisions concerning location: reports provide, for the required period of time, information about how frequently the POI is consulted, about searches potential customers are making and the percentage of contacts in a given administrative area.


uSuite: isochrone e isodistance

Geoanalytics for motor vehicles:

Geoanalytics reporting services can also be applied in the positions tracking applications for fleet management, assisting the identification of high risk patterns, events and behaviors. Statistical tools enable the fleet manager to assess and capitalize information and automatically determine rules and alarms connected to patterns that can prevent undesirable and potentially dangerous events such as theft, damage and dangerous leadership from happening.


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