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Being available on the territory is essential for banks and insurance companies – agencies, branches, brokers and ATMs can be included in maps that enable users/clients to search for them and improve internal customer care and geomarketing analysis apps.


UbiEst develops mobile and web solutions to provide customers and users with detailed instructions to reach the nearest branch, agency, ATM, promoter, etc.


Data concerning the use of Store Locator apps are an asset for companies, which can gather important statistic information related to the user-base of their own sales points e.g. which are the most popular sales points and routes.
Data can be analysed by geomarketing apps in order to improve availability and gauge user-base.


Geomarketing analyses display availability levels thanks to indicators that can be set for specific areas, targets and according to the location of competitors.


UbiEst developed a geographical platform so Banks and Financial companies can use customer data to answer questions such as:
  • Which are the sales points (branches, agencies and ATMs) that produce more value?
  • Where are my competitors?
  • What is the user-base potential for a specific product/service in the operating area?
  • Where to place new ATMs or branches in order to optimise the availability on the territory?
  • What sales objectives can be reached in a particular area?


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