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Web-based apps for tablets and smartphones enable businesses to become more visible saving both the clients’ and the consumers’ time.



The widespread use of mobile devices means that businesses have a better chance of generating traffic towards their sales point by literally “guiding” users who are in the surrounding area and looking for a specific brand or product. UbiEst Store Locator enables users to research where they can buy a certain brand from any location. They can then see the destination on a map (including satellite maps) and plan the journey to get there. Users can also find information on opening hours, features and services/products offered by each sales point. Store Locator solutions are autonomously managed via web based administration tools, which update information about relevant sales points in real time.

Almost a fifth (19%) of people interviewed in the world currently use location-based (LB) services and more than 60% of those who do not use them hope to do so in the future (a figure that reaches 74% in Italy).

“Map and GPS navigation is currently the most frequent reason for using LB services, contributing towards the global growth of LB services (46%). In Italy they are most commonly used as an alternative to satellite navigation in cars (48%).”

Mobile Life 2012 – TNS

62% of Italians have a smartphone – The Mobile Consumer. A Global snapshot. February 2013 – Nielsen

Store Locator

More than 25% of people with smartphones use a store locator to find a shop – Comscore mobile future in focus 2012

Mobile App “Find the restaurant”

UbiEst has developed Store Locator solutions for its clients. They can be used on different web and mobile platforms and integrate the following functionalities:

  • Search within a certain distance (“find a shop within 10km”)
  • Search what is close to you (“find the nearest shop to me”)
  • Journey planning (“show me the way to get there”)
  • Navigation (“take me to the shop”)

Online administration tools autonomously update information about a location in the local area and keep web and mobile research services aligned.


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