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Mobile Internet has had profound implications on the relationship between people and places. UbiEst makes it easier to locate and get to any place in the world.


We can work with mapping data like nobody else.
Since 2001 we have been developing our own algorithms and technologies to deliver mapping services (road and satellite) on web and mobile platforms which are recallable via API for desktop and mobile applications.

We are now able to integrate our own technologies or the main providers of mapping services in location based services.

UbiEst Places


Web and mobile apps enabling you to improve consumer and business presence in the local area viasearch functionalities, visualizing maps and satellite images, journey planning and searching for information pages.

Researches logs can be collected and used to assess and improve the regional network.


We are the pioneers of off-board navigation for the first “intelligent” mobile devices.

We have launched internationally integrated navigation apps for business and markets providing features such as: journey planning, assisted navigation, location searches and destination dispatch.


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