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uSuite: localize your business

UbiEst’s uSuite platform is a package of web-based solutions that enable Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales, CRM, Logistics and Communications processes to be strengthened and optimized.

uSuite: a web-based modular solution platform to analyze your business in your local area. From every point of view.


The uSuite platform examines business data and statistics, enabling you to visualize and work with it on a map.

It is composed of units that respond to the different requirements of different organizations. It also enables each function to work in synergy with georeferential data. uSuite is modular and scalable: is thereby enables each business to plan a personalized solution to its own requirements for handling, examining and consulting data on maps. uSuite is web-based, it facilitates the distribution and sharing of data at all levels of the organization through the use of different and mobile access profiles. uSuite can be perfectly integrated with the company’s computer systems or websites, by integrating mapping and georeferencing functionalities.

uSuite platform services offer solutions for the requirements of managing and normalizing foreign and Italian personal address data, web and mobile mapping units and geomarketing applications to analyze the basin and statistics.


uSuite platform units

Geocoding and maintenance of personal databases
Creates and manages regional indexes, variables and statistics
Creates and manages custom regional areas
Proximity analyses on POI lists
Creates and manages multi-leg itineries provided by information sheets
Analyses Geomarketing, Store Locator and Web Mapping
Generates high resolution and large scale maps
Creates profiles with different data views and functionalities for each user

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