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Positions tracking transmission, aggregation and analysis of data concerning the location and condition of the vehicle in order to highlight, in a timely fashion, events requiring immediate intervention, such as accidents, theft and dangerous behavior.


UbiEst offers Insurance Companies services relating to the installation, assistance and maintenance of black boxes in vehicles, through the controlled company Targa Drive. It also provides a platform that helps Insurance Companies to manage the accident by providing information services including the registration of all positions tracking data relating to the crash, the certification of data such as crash location/speed and the adoption of antifraud regulations that help manage responsibility.

Dashboard: identifying “risky” events

Data relating to dragging, speed and means of haul can be made available to:

  • Insurance Companies: to tackle incidents of fraud and suggest pay-per-use models
  • Fleet Managers: to check vehicles and improve driving behavior
  • Hire Companies: to prevent theft and get discounts on insurance policies

Targa Drive, location intelligence services for Insurance Companies.


Collecting accurate data from black boxes enables Insurance Companies to profile clients in terms of their driving behavior, vehicle use and associated risk and plan new market strategies, by offering “pay-per-use” models and add-on services based on location.

Dashboard for the drill down of data from vehicles


UbiEst has developed a dashboard of indicators, enabling high risk data from monitored vehicles to be aggregated, including damages, dragging, idling, deceleration, exiting assigned areas and border violation. These events, which can be associated with a risk of accident or theft, are registered and represented in real time according to a programmable and easily consulted classification system which enables the fleet manager or safety center to recognize a crash or theft and intervene in a timely fashion.

The dashboard displays the history of events/alarms connected to:

  • Risk of theft: different colors identify low risk events (missed data transmission), medium risk events (border violation or entering medium risk areas) and high risk events (entering high risk areas, damage, dragging).
  • Accidents: registering deceleration and other parameters relating to accidents

Reporting tools and drilling down accurate data enable you to investigate deeply into highlighted cases. You can therefore check the risk level and implement SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) procedures in connection with the police. .

Targa Fleet

TargaFleet, our fleet management solution


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