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UbiEst implements vehicle tracking solutions using a portfolio of GPS devices, which ensure the reliability and accuracy of data for all monitoring requirements (car, motorbike, commercial vehicles, containers, machines and special equipment).


  • Real time web and mobile GPS location of the fleet, for groups of or individual vehicles
  • Check the status of the vehicle (on, off etc.), speed, driving behavior
  • Report on the driver’s activities
  • History of previous locations


Sending automatic programmed alarms to apps, SMS or email if the one of the following events or situations occurs:
  • Geo-in/Geo-out (entrance/exit) of assigned locations
  • Damage (cut cables) and/or dragging
  • Accident (sudden deceleration)
  • Border Violation (crossing state borders)
  • Maintenance warnings


  • Monitoring operators’ activities in real time
  • Greater fleet efficiency
  • Reduced consumption
  • Timeliness: you can assign or reassign missions by recalculating the journey for emergency call-outs, calling the closest operator to a certain location
  • Safety: 24hr operations center in connection with the security forces to recover the vehicle in the event of theft

TargaFleet: tracking vehicles in real time


  • Checking journeys, driving, break, rest and work times and driving behavior
  • Planning the fastest and most efficient journeys
  • Checking and managing the presence and activities of each operator via a clocking-in system inside the vehicle


  • Reducing fuel consumption by optimizing journeys and checking drivers’ activities
  • Efficient vehicles by controlling and programming maintenance according to kms or operating hours
  • Monitoring driving behavior to reduce fuel costs and make sure the Highway Code is observed


  • Accurate and detailed reporting
  • Checking every aspect of the business by calculating costs/returns
  • Integrates reports with external management software to accelerate final calculations and invoicing procedures
  • Personalized reporting to suit the user, adapting to meet the requirements of fleets of different sizes and with different features


Our fleet management solution.


Report that reconstructs the crash, providing information on the location and deceleration speed before during and immediately after the event.

A crash, identified by a sudden deceleration or by other parameters, transmits a report to the service center, containing data on the location and speed before and after the event.


24/7 operations center connected to the police force to recover stolen vehicles


Monitoring via apps for smartphone and tablet


Each vehicle has been fitted with a GPS GPRS/SMS device. This enables you to find out the location and other data (speed, driver, entrance/exit from a given area) in real time, by consulting a web-based application, which is also available for smartphone and tablet.


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